Refurbishing in Mallorca to achieve an increase in value?

First of all, it must be mentioned here that value-enhancing measures include, above all, conversions to the roofs, the heating and sanitary systems and the electrics. It is important to check the condition of these. If necessary, they should be replaced and renewed. This can definitely increase the value of a property. The second part, which can be counted towards the increase in value, is the visual aspects. Properties built thirty years ago were realised at that time with different technical and optical standards.

If you want to use a property as an investment, you have to consider the location, which does not necessarily have to be on the beach or by the sea. In addition, one should ask oneself the question, which interested parties do I want to reach, or for whom should my property be lucrative in the end?

We are renovating a chalet with potential

Our clients discovered this property and snapped it up immediately. Top location, sea view, extraordinary architecture, lots of potential.

Thirty years ago, a Spanish architect realised the property in the Le Corbusier style. This style is characterised above all by the fact that
pillars raise the house above the ground, a roof terrace, an open floor plan and an ornament-free façade.

When my clients showed me the property and asked me to be their project manager for their renovation, I immediately recognised the potential and then presented my ideas to them.

What struck me immediately was, on the one hand, water damage in the hallway; this had to be repaired and the cause found. In addition, the wonderful view of the sea was lost due to the architecture. We also wanted more light in the building itself.

After the planning, the meetings, it was time to get started.

What has been done?


This chalet, near Palme, second sea line, has actually had work done all over the property.

To begin with, we removed everything that no longer served the new splendour. This included the steel balconies on the floor-to-ceiling windows. These had irreparable rust damage and had to be removed. Filigree French balconies made of glass give the property a certain elegance. We then gave the façade a new coat of paint. This three times in total… an unexpected thunderstorm had washed away all the painter’s work. The next coat was also simply washed away by the heaviest winter onset in years on Mallorca. After the third coat of paint, however, the façade was finally finished.

One good thing came out of the bad luck of the last two coats of paint. We found the cause of moisture damage. The penetrating water came from the roof. Additional drains and a wall projection with sealing foil and stone slabs ensure that the problem no longer occurs. In addition, the old expansion joints were renewed.

The pool needed modernisation after thirty years. When removing the mosaic, the base plaster fell off the wall in large slabs. This meant repairing the base plaster, applying a sealing primer and installing a new mosaic with joint material suitable for salt water.

Chalet mit Investitionspotenzial wird saniert.MD-Immoprojekte
The pool provides a great exterior foundation.

Chalet mit Investitionspotenzial wird saniert.MD-Immoprojekte.
Replacing the curbs around the pool was a challenge. Since the pool is oval, no stones could be prefabricated. Our craftsmen cut and adjusted every single stone by hand.
Chalet mit Investitionspotenzial wird saniert.MD-Immoprojekte
But it was worth it, wasn’t it? In the outdoor area around the pool, we built a new brick bar with a microcement counter. A large staircase makes it easier to get into the pool.


Inside, we have completely renovated and redesigned all the bathrooms.

Chalet auf Mallorca umbauen. MD-Immoprojekte
The bathroom before, does not seem modern, that we wanted to change😊
In the master bathroom, the bathtub had to give way. The toilet area and shower were given a new place to modernise the whole thing here as well. The restructuring of the layout has practically doubled the area of the bathroom.

We also adapted the kitchen, dining room and living room to the appearance of the property. We knocked down three walls, rerouted wiring and knocked down another wall in the hallway. This gave us a much more open, modern atmosphere. All the doors, windows and fitted cupboards were repainted and spruced up. Throughout the property, we overhauled the electronics once and brought them up to today’s standards.

Sanieren_auf-Mallorca. MD-Immoprojekte-saniert.
Kitchen bevore
The opening makes the entire living and dining area seem more light-flooded and open.
The open-plan living and dining area immediately appears much friendlier and more open.


“This property has once again shown me how much potential there is on this island. It has also shown me how important it is to set aside reserves for necessary contingencies and a renovation project before buying. My clients were able to invest smartly with this property and will certainly sell this one with an increase in value.”

Are you also considering purchasing a property as an investment or would you like to renovate yours on the island and create your dream home together with me?

Then please get in touch, I look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

Yours, Martina Dauber