The topic of construction management is an important area of my business and also one that is particularly close to my heart and is fun. I hope I can answer some of your questions and offer some help on how MD Immobilien Projekte provides construction support in Mallorca.

Enjoy reading.

What does construction management actually mean?

Construction supervision can be equated with project management. I plan, steer and control my clients’ construction projects. I supervise the entire process from start to finish. I exchange ideas with the designers, the construction companies and the customers and act as an extended hand for communication between the customer and the construction company.

What are the advantages for me as a customer?

That’s easy to answer 🙂 Imagine having to manage, monitor and coordinate the construction progress of your project alongside your job and your everyday life. You have to research construction companies yourself, obtain offers. You are working with Spaniards on your project and communication in English is usually a little patchy, which leads to discrepancies and in no time at all your dream property becomes a stress factor. In addition, there is usually not only one person in charge of the construction who informs you of the progress, but usually several, whether it is a heating engineer, a gas-water plumber or a painter. By the time you have received the progress from each of them, it is already out of date. Of course, as a customer, you also have to bear in mind that you are not usually on site and cannot even take a quick look at the building site. In addition, you first have to round up all the construction companies and get them excited about your project.

And that’s where I come in.

My job is to coordinate it all.I work together with my construction companies and we are a well-coordinated team.Through the years, I know exactly what my colleagues can deliver and in what price range and also in what time frame.Moreover, I speak the language fluently, so there are no difficulties in communication.But I would say the biggest advantage is that I am on site and can communicate a bundled construction progress.I am, so to speak, the extended hand between the construction companies and you, the customer.

In addition, I have learned a lot over the years: which means I can advise you comprehensively on your planning, interior design as well as your building project.

What about applications to offices and checking legality?

Very good, that is another important aspect of my work. Although Mallorca is not at the end of the world, other countries, other customs also apply here. This can probably be the biggest hurdle for people interested in building and renovating.

I have been working with a renowned Spanish lawyer here on Mallorca for years. We check legality and submit applications. It is incredibly important to look twice and rather check things several times than be surprised by a scare in the end.

When I was originally looking for a property myself, I unfortunately had to realise that in some places quick profit is more important than the well-being of the client. If I hadn’t always followed my gut feeling back then, I would certainly have made one or two wrong decisions. As I have experienced myself how alone one is left with certain checks and coordination with authorities, it is indispensable for me that my clients can rely on me and that I have every project checked as if I were investing in it myself.

Why are you the right person for my project?

This question is easy to answer 😛

I was on the lookout for my dream property for years myself, and when I say years, I mean years 😀 Something always didn’t fit, or my gut feeling told me directly the signal of care. And I would say my gut was always right. My experiences have also led me to start my own real estate company. I want to do it right and work with my clients to design and realise their dream home. In doing so, I simplify this process enormously, from the purchase of a property to its completion. On the one hand, through my wide range of contacts, and on the other hand, through my conscientious and structured manner. In addition, my passion is construction management. Giving older properties a new charm, making dreams come true and realising building projects is what fulfils me and what I have found my passion in. And I am convinced that if you do something with passion, only something good can come out of it.

I would like to work with you, how do we start?

First, you contact me and we discuss what you have in mind, whether you have already found a property and what your ideas are. Then we will go into more detail about the planning. What needs to be done? What checks and applications need to be submitted?

Once we have checked everything and the plans are in the box, we start 🙂

I am still sceptical whether it is worth refurbishing a property

I understand your concern. However, you must bear in mind that in addition to your own use, renovation can also be seen as an investment. Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations on the Balearic Islands. It can be reached from all over Germany within two hours by plane and offers a pleasant climate all year round. In addition, the island offers a stable increase in property values.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Yours, Martina Dauber