After my almost 20 annual holidays and my emigration 7 years ago, I spent a few days in the beautiful south. To be honest, it’s my favourite place on the island ­čśÇ In this post, I give you a little inspiration for the “perfect day in the south of Mallorca”.

The perfect start to the day

As it is written in probably every travel guide, we start the day around 9:30 am at the market in Santanyi. Every Wednesday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. you can stroll through narrow alleys and look at the great exhibitors’ stalls. What I personally find wonderful about this market is the wide selection of jewellery and ceramic serenades along the alleys. In addition, Santanyi offers a variety of art studios, such as Greta Milla, which are definitely worth a visit.

After wandering around the market a bit and perhaps picking up a souvenir or two, we now move on to a well-deserved breakfast. Namely at Caf├ę Pablo, a great breakfast selection and a nice atmosphere. A little tip at this point: reservations are not a bad idea on market days ­čÖé

Now that we have strengthened ourselves, we can continue to explore the market in a relaxed way and stroll a little. For our next item on the programme, we buy some fruit from the market stalls and a few delicacies of our choice from the baker’s stalls, because we are going out on the water.

A midday in the south of the island of Mallorca

As already mentioned, we go out on the water without a licence and without a skipper, just be the captain for once.

To do this, we drive a bit along the coast and end up in my favourite place on the island, “Porto Colom”. As you like, you can enjoy a coffee in the countless caf├ęs right at the harbour.

For the early afternoon we hired a boat the day before. To view the south coast from the water, we head out of the harbour. Personally, I find the left side, after the harbour exit, more beautiful. There are a few more bays here that are worth stopping at. For example, Cala Brafi or Cal├│ des Moro.

After discovering the coast a little and cooling down, we return to the harbour and say goodbye to our boat.

An evening in the south of the island

After we have already experienced a lot today, we are bound to be hungry.

A real insider tip is a wonderful dinner at what is probably the most popular bay on the island, es Trenc. The beach bar is open in the evening as well as for daily business. Between the sound of the sea, the sand in our feet and delicious food, we let the evening fade away.

I hope I could pass on a few tips to you.

Did you like the south so much that you want to realise your dream of a house by the sea here? Then please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.