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Back to the beginning of my journey

To do this, we have to take a step back to the beginning of my journey: There was a severe stroke of fate in my family. This showed me how finite life is and that we only have the here and now. It's that one moment that changes everything and shows you that putting things off is not a good option. We've secretly harbored the dream of emigrating for a long time, but as it happens, you stay in your routine and are basically satisfied with the general conditions of your life. Above all, there was this big question mark: what would happen if we took the step? Well, as I said, that one moment changed everything and shows you what's really important in life. Together with my family, I decided that now was the right time Mallorca to start the project. I defied the critical and mocking voices and took my life into my own hands. With my fully packed Seat Leon, I set off alone on what was probably the most exciting, important and difficult journey of my life. Of course I had doubts. Is this all the right thing? Am I selfish, insane?

How had I found my courage?

I always felt within myself that something bigger was waiting for me and that I should pursue my passion of real estate and interior design. I became pregnant relatively early and had to withdraw from my original path to studying interior design because my husband was self-employed at the time and, well, as is the case in the beginning, I had to get a second salary. But I never regretted it. I learned a lot, was able to experience a lot with my family and made a lot of things possible for my daughter.

Arrived in Mallorca

When I arrived in Mallorca, I moved into a small apartment in Campos and worked
transforming my vision little by little. Researched the market and found my niche. I worked day and night, socialized and learned Spanish like a madwoman, really :D. It wasn't that easy. But I felt at home from the first moment, my Mallorcans opened the door for me. I met great, inspiring people. It is clear that Mallorca is a shark tank, there are extremely many real estate companies and among them one or two black sheep. As is the case in life, you learn from your experiences. Experiences that I also had to go through, but you only learn from those and they brought me exactly here. Over the years I built up my customer base. I always followed my gut feeling because it had never been wrong. Met great customers, inspiring and unique people. People who see something in me and saw something that convinces them. It makes me very grateful to be so valued. The reviews from my customers make me happy every time I read them. You take the time to write me a few nice and honest lines. Reviews that help me and show other interested parties that I do my job well and particularly. Are grateful that I am there for you and that I protect you from the mistakes in Mallorca.

My own Office in Campos, was a huge milestone for me. Here I can work in peace and search for your dream home together with my customers.

By the way, the four-legged friend in the picture is Tap, he accompanied me from the beginning and was actually a co-founder of the company 😀

The festival showed me that:

I have arrived and am valued by my customers and cooperation partners. That's exactly why it was so important to me. It should be a very special celebration for very special people. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart. All the people who believe in me and have believed in me, who have supported me on this path, who have given me a kick in the ass when I've had a slack, who have had an open ear when it was needed, who have supported me and kept my fingers crossed for me. It was important to me to say thank you to my great cooperation partners, who treat me at eye level and value me. The day had come and I stood in this wonderful location, greeting my guests. And saw what I had achieved at a glance. 139 people came especially because of me, to celebrate me and our work together, I can tell you that was impressive. And I had to hold back my tears more than once. When my daughter talked about how I was her idol, I realized that my decision to emigrate had had a much greater impact than I realized.

But I would never have been able to do this without my family

If my husband hadn't sacrificed many years of his life to start and run a company, a company that has given us a lot of freedom and opportunities, we wouldn't be where we are today. Actually, he is the entire hero of the story and I am happy to give everything back to him. We have been going through life together and loving each other for more than 34 years. A family business emerged from a one-woman show. We can now live our lives together on Mallorca. A great wish of my heart was fulfilled.

I am flattered that my guests, friends and business partners have told me that I am an inspiration to others. That I should tell my story to encourage others. That you take your hat off to me for taking this step alone in Mallorca and founding my company... in a male-dominated field, the construction industry. I am grateful that I had this courage. I believe that if you are really passionate about something you can move mountains. You have to stay true to yourself and follow your gut feeling. Most of the time, most of the things that scare us are exactly what we need to become a better version of ourselves. My party once again clearly proved to me that the law of attraction is not a misconception. From the beginning I imagined this festival exactly as it was, it was much, much better. I am convinced that you attract what you send out into the universe.

Kind regards, your Martina and now have fun with the video!

PS: yes, it's me, only now with blonde hair 😛


Are you looking for your dream property in Mallorca, or have you already found it and would you like to renovate it into your personal dream home? Then report You are welcome, I look forward to seeing you.

Your Martina Dauber