The amended tourism law of the Belarusian state government from February 11, 2022, the most important content summarized for you...

On Friday, February 11th, 2022, the Balearic state government passed this in an emergency decree new tourism law. The main measure that comes with the law is that the tourist bed exchange will be frozen for the next four years. So no new applications will be accepted. Over the next four years, the island councils can develop their own plans for the allocation of guest beds. If this does not happen, the previously available places will expire. Applications that have already been submitted are still being processed. A further tightening applies to hotels: anyone who wants to renovate from now on has to give up five percent of their existing guest beds.

In the future, Mallorca should stand for more quality instead of quantity. Using the law, the Balearic government wants to achieve improved working conditions for employees and create improved environmental conditions for Mallorca.

I think these are nice arguments, but I still think that a well-made holiday rental is an enrichment for the island and an important part for guests and investors in Mallorca. Because these are usually the customers who want to get to know the island and its residents and explore the island and therefore like to stop off in cafes or restaurants. Especially in terms of sustainability, regardless of the huge consumption of water, cleaning products, etc., hotels should also think about how the masses of leftover food can be used to benefit other people. For people who may need support and would like to accept the food instead of it ending up in the trash...

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