Felanitx is a beautiful place in the wonderful southeast of Mallorca. There is life here all year round, because just like in Campos, normal life prevails here; you live, live and work here. The location of Felantix is perfect because you can quickly reach Campos and therefore the airport and Palma and also Manacor, as well as the numerous beautiful bays in this wonderful area.

Places that belong to the municipality of Felanitx are:

  • Ca's Concos des Cavaller
  • Es Carritxó
  • Son Mesquida
  • Son Negre
  • Son Proenç
  • Son Valls

There are beautiful excursion destinations nearby. For example, as in the picture the monastery of Sant Salvador, Porto Colom, Cala Sa Nau and much more...

A little excursion into the history of Felantix

The history of Felantix: The settlement in Felanitx dates back to the Bronze Age, where the first people settled in caves at the Puig de Castell de Santueri. The Roman name fenalicius is derived from the Latin fenum (hay), which indicates the agricultural importance of the region. The town of Felanitx was only founded by the Moors in the 11th century. The numerous windmills (no longer functional) that were built on a rocky ridge above the town and were previously used to produce flour can be seen from afar. Mallorcan capers, apricots and almonds are important agricultural products today.

Felanitx was the first wine-growing region on Mallorca. At the end of the 18th century, various grape varieties were planted on an area of around 2,200 hectares in the municipality. Towards the end of the 19th century, phylloxera destroyed a large part of the vines. Today around 75 % of Mallorcan white wine comes from the area around Felanitx.

Come by on your next visit to Felanitx and explore the wonderful southeast of Mallorca!

Have fun while reading!


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