Important information for anyone interested in building in Mallorca!
The Spanish government is planning to regulate the volume of new construction on building plots in the future, regardless of the size of the building plot. This bill is currently before Parliament for adoption…what does that mean for you? In the future, the size of a new building will be drastically reduced and regulated, regardless of the size of the property!

What can you as a prospective builder do about it now?

Invest now in a building plot with a currently valid building permit, as these are not affected by these regulations and can be built on in accordance with the currently valid building regulations. These properties are rare and that is exactly why you should react quickly.
You see building land is becoming scarcer, legal existing properties are increasing in value, which is exactly why an investment in Mallorca is now even more worthwhile. Please take a look at my portfolio and contact me!
Now it's worth looking into the future, because in the event of a possible financial crisis and impending inflation, concrete gold is still the best investment to protect your assets from loss!
Benefit from my knowledge, including in this area, and we would be happy to see together what opportunities are available to you!

See you soon, your Martina Dauber

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