An outdated chalet on Mallorca is being completely renovated and put into the right light

The Mallorca holiday dream: a chalet with a pool

There are still real gems to be found in Mallorca, you just have to keep your eyes open and see the potential in a house. And very important: protect yourself from this renovate or renovate on Mallorca not to be shy. Many of my customers respect this step, but as I always say: "With the right people on your side, every renovation will be child's play." Above all, it is important to see what kind of profit magic lies behind every property you create yourself. Because in the end it is you, my customers, who benefit from the increase in value and receive their profit when a sale is made.

Recognize the potential

I see something that you don't see and that's the potential, that's exactly what my customers were thinking. Many people want a turnkey Huas, just no stress and ideally start their summer vacation straight away. But sometimes behind everything old there is something wonderfully new. My customers recognized this and didn't hesitate for long to create their own dream home together. Even though I didn't sell the piece of jewelry myself, I'm all the more excited to wake it up from its slumber because I see something that you don't see 😉 In this case we have a woodworm infestation, but there is a solution for that too.

A small secret operation for the benefit of the customer

Shortly before you buy it always gets exciting: Does everything fit? Are there any unpleasant surprises? One of these can be, for example, a woodworm infestation. You don't see this at first glance and it usually only becomes apparent to its full extent when it is too late. Let's say in a small secret operation I went into the house with an expert and the boss of the planned construction company to open the suspended ceilings, check the woodworm infestation and to prevent a "pig in a poke" here. is purchased. I tend to be a very cautious person in this regard and advise my customers accordingly.

Always check verbal information

Because money is quickly lost if you don't get the right advice when buying. Buying a property without a lawyer or a good soul at your side can be fatal. If a house is illegal, then you don't get a license to renovate it, which means you are stuck with your old house and cannot renovate it according to your wishes. It is therefore better to be cautious than sorry. Nobody has money to give away, we all work for it... and don't let ourselves be dazzled by nice brokers or nice, friendly salespeople. In the end it is the facts that decide: Deal or No Deal.

Before buying, check whether it can be renovated

The roof of this property needs to be replaced due to moisture damage. We remove all the wood due to the woodworm infestation. The rustic interior becomes a modern, bright and friendly chalet. Because here, too, there is a project slumbering that just needs to be woken up from its slumber. The customers had already contacted me before the purchase, so we were able to think about it together beforehand and, above all, with my Spanish technical skills
Construction managers together estimate the feasibility and costs


Buy a chalet in Mallorca
Buy chalet with pool
Renovating a house with a pool

After demolishing the suspended ceiling, we decided to use the resulting height and raise the ceiling height of the rooms. Since the floor plan of the rooms is quite small, this creates a much more spacious feeling.


The pool

Poll-renovate-mallorca-md-real estate-projects

As already mentioned, the roof was in need of renovation. Here, as is common in Mallorca, the roof is constructed using multi-shell concrete construction. After the basic ceiling there is insulation with Styrodur panels, on top of that the sealing membranes and then a concrete ceiling on top of that and then the monk nun pans in the mortar bed.
Extremely complex and can only be done with local forces. The wall connections were designed to protrude, so water has no chance. Well, I Germanized the roof a bit, if you look closely you will see that the tiles protrude on the sides, it's not quite Mallorquin, but it ensures that the walls stay clean

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