Mallorca is my favorite island, adopted home and place of well-being and also the favorite island of thousands of people. Almost no one talks about the smaller sisters Menorca, Ibiza or Formentera. Mallorca is and remains on everyone's lips and for me the most beautiful island in the world. This island is fascinating, but why?

It offers quality of life and security and is simply fantastic!

Mallorca offers good alignment in all important areas of life, such as medical care, education, shopping, infrastructure and sustainability. There are a variety of leisure options that even I haven't seen all of in my time on Mallorca, including fantastic beaches and bays with crystal clear water. You can have a wonderful meal, whether in a chic restaurant or with your feet in the sand, having a sundowner in the many beach bars... I love this island, but you already know that if you follow my blog! Palma, the island capital, is one of the most beautiful in all of Europe and I'm looking forward to being able to stroll through the great shops for the first time and then feel the special flair of Palma again.

Why is it worth investing in Mallorca?

Why is it worth investing in Mallorca? and why now? As a bank clerk, I would be happy to explain to you my view of the situation. We all have a bad time behind us and still ahead of us. We cannot change anything about the current situation and the virus at the moment. We are happy that we are currently able to return to a certain level of normality little by little. How often have we wished in the last few weeks that tomorrow everything would be the way it was before? I believe daily!
We have all noticed that one thing is most important in life: health, followed by no less important family, security, friends and quality of life, including quality of living!

We all don't know where the journey is going and what's to come at the moment and it also depends heavily on how the economy gets going again... the longer the current situation lasts, the more realistic the threat of inflation becomes.
This is almost unavoidable due to the borrowing of individual countries.
What does that mean? Well, the price level for food, luxury goods, real estate... is constantly rising and the purchasing power of money is falling.

What can you do to counteract the reduction in purchasing power or even achieve a return...invest now! namely in good real estate, precious metals or stocks. You have to decide which path is right for you, but it would be bad to leave the money in a savings account, especially since there is no longer a profitable interest rate there anyway, but rather you have to pay a penalty interest! The low building loan interest rates also speak in favor of investing in real estate if part of the purchase price needs to be financed. You can diversify and divide your assets into all three areas. In any case, the investment should be included in a property, which is why I recommend investing in a Mallorca property.
Mallorca real estate is stable in value and safe. The prerequisite is that they are built to a high quality and are 100% legal and it doesn't matter whether it is a new or existing building. Existing properties are also interesting, but the property's papers must be checked by a lawyer before purchase. I would be happy to help you here!

In every crisis there is not only an opportunity, but also a possibility (Martin Luter King)

The demand for real estate on Mallorca is unbroken at the moment. If you have always dreamed of investing in a property in Mallorca, now is the right time! Think about your future today and see the opportunities that present themselves.

In my opinion there will be small price reductions this year. It is quite possible that these will continue into the new year. This will depend on when we can get back to normal and the economy and tourism can function normally again.

After that, the prices will rise again... Mallorca is a positive outsider in crises, the island has shown that several times... and you invest in quality of life, security and joy, regardless of whether as a second home, retirement home or as an investment!

I look forward to meeting you and would be happy to accompany you!

Best regards

Your Martina Dauber

They are looking for yours Dream property or have already found it and would like to make it your personal dream home Mallorca renovate or renovate? Then rejoice I me to hear from you.

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