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Natural tones in interior design, a timeless trend?

They are timeless, have a calming, relaxing effect and turn a home into a living dream. We're talking about natural tones, whether cold or warm, they give every room that certain something without being intrusive. Especially these days, people are longing for a place to retreat to where they can recharge their batteries and relax. An important aspect here is that Interior decoration. Colors like blue can be cool and distant, but can also inspire trust and security. Yellow can be cheerful, but also intrusive. The design of a room always shows how important colors are in perceiving the atmosphere of a property. A few years ago people still relied on bright colors (we all remember the colorful tiles and plush covers in our grandparents' bathrooms), but today it seems as if, with a few exceptions, the trend towards natural tones is continuing to grow.

I would be happy to show you one of ours as an example Renovation Projectshow natural tones can be integrated into interior design. This is a townhouse in Mallorca, designed by my lovely architect Anna Pinecki from V5arquitectes was designed.

The kitchen

Here, the material mix of wood and stone shows how warm and calming this mixture can be. This combination is also timeless and looks modern. When there is a mix of materials, it is always advisable to revisit this, whether with the decoration or, as here, with the chairs on the kitchen island made of stone. This creates a well-rounded picture and the topic is addressed again and again. As a contrast, we have a large kitchen window facing the wonderful terrace. The large window makes the room appear open and gives it the necessary amount of daylight.

Now let's look at the colors, we have a mix of light and dark natural tones. The primary color is a simple sandy beige, so that a certain depth can be created in the room using darker natural tones, thereby further emphasizing the effect of security.

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The living and dining area

Here too we have chosen one Material mix made of wood, stone and steel. This is reflected in decorative elements such as the lamps, the carpet and the dining table. In addition, the stone wall gives the property a Mediterranean touch and goes perfectly with the wood tones and also with the stone tones.

When choosing the color, we chose a deep sea blue in addition to the primary tone of sand beige. As mentioned in the introduction, blue inspires confidence and signals security. We used the color in some decorative elements such as the cushions on the sofa and the seat cushions on the chairs, as well as in pictures as an accent color.

To combine the accent color with the primary color, it is important not to overdo it and to work in a healthy mix between the two colors. Basically, it should also be mentioned that not only one accent color can be used. As long as the accent colors do not replace the primary colors and, as the name suggests, only provide accents, nothing stands in the way of a bright color selection.

By the way, wall paintings and pictures are a good option to bring that certain bit of color into a room. If the painting then contains the basic color and the accent color, the result is a visually harmonious picture.

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The bedroom

Now let's look at the bedroom. Here too, we have created a cozy and timeless atmosphere using a material mix of stone and wood. The theme of wood is reflected in decorative elements such as the coffee table, the lamp feet and the desk.

In this room we also worked with a stone wall to achieve depth in the room in addition to the Mediterranean flair. Unlike in the basement, we decided against steel window frames and opted for white ones. But in this room too, in addition to the primary color, we added color accents with turquoise and light green and gray tones in the cushions for the sofa.

In the second bedroom of the property we decided against accent colors and concentrated solely on the primary colors.

Townhouse_mallorca-campos-md-real estate projects

The outside area

What happens inside should not be ignored outside. Here again our well-known material mix. In the outdoor area, however, we integrated the stone wall of the old town house into the renovation. We also kept the outdoor kitchen in its original style and just gave it a little finishing touches.


The pool

The pool area is almost my favorite part of this property. Here too, the mix of materials was taken up and adapted Persianas We have revisited the turquoise accent color used in the interior.

We also included a small but nice green corner in the outdoor area to add color accents and also to create a great effect.

I am a fan of natural tones and the simple design. It is timeless, yet modern and offers various design options.

Townhouse_Mallorca outdoor area

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